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Research Proposal and Manuscript Requirements

Your research proposal will be developed in CTSC 5010: Clinical Research Protocol Development with a deadline based on the academic cycle listed below.

Early submission of your proposal is encouraged. Your research proposal will then be reviewed by the CCaTS Postdoctoral Programs Committee for approval.

Begin course work Enrollment in CTSC 5010: Protocol Development Proposal submission Program completion
Summer quarter Fall quarter Jan. 1 June
Winter quarter Spring quarter July 1 December

Please include these items in your proposal packet:

  1. Research Proposal Packet Cover Page
  2. The proposal. Use the format described in Mayo Graduate School's Outline for Master's Thesis Proposals. Please note the proposal review criteria listed below when writing your proposal.
  3. Verification statement from your department or division. This must document that peer review of the proposal has taken place, as well as that the proposed work is scientifically sound and clinically meaningful. The minute excerpt from your department or division research committee or minute excerpt used for submission to the Mayo Clinic Institutional Review Board (IRB) may be used.

    Note: The CCaTS Minimal Risk Study form is used only if the IRB does not require divisional review for a project deemed nontherapeutic and minimal risk (for example, a retrospective chart review).

  4. Minute excerpt from the IRB. This documents that IRB approval has been granted for your project.

Research proposal review criteria

Proposals will be reviewed by the CCaTS Postdoctoral Programs Committee using these criteria:

  • Clinical or translational research. Does the project meet the definition of clinical or translational research? If an animal model is being studied, has the scholar justified its significance to human disease?
  • Scientific peer review. Is the hypothesis significant? Is the study design valid? Is the data collection and analysis plan consistent with the study goal? Is there statistical justification?

    Note: Proposals that are developed and receive a satisfactory grade in the Research Protocol Development (CTSC 5010) class will be considered to have sufficient scientific validity and study design to be consistent with the research hypotheses. The review at this stage will mainly focus on feasibility of the study as outlined below.

  • IRB review. Has IRB approval for the project been obtained, or is it pending? If the scholar's project is part of a larger project, has documentation been provided showing IRB approval for the larger project?
  • Authorship. Will the scholar be the first author on publications resulting from this project? If the scholar's project is part of a larger, multiauthor study, has the scholar explained how he or she will contribute to authorship? Will the project result in at least one publication?
  • Feasibility. Is there sufficient funding for the project? Is there sufficient time to collect data and recruit subjects? Does the project align with the scholar's research interests?
  • Recruitment plan. Has a satisfactory subject recruitment plan, including a timeline, been provided?
  • Current status. Has the status of the project been provided? (For example, "Fifty percent of the data is collected, with data collection expected to be complete in six months.")


  • Cite the grant. Because you received funding through CCaTS and may have used CCaTS services to support your research, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) requires you to cite the grant in your manuscript. Use the citation below or see Citing CCaTS in Publications for details.

    This publication (or project) was made possible by the CTSA Grant UL1 TR000135 from the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS), a component of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Its contents are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of the National Institutes of Health.

  • Prior to submitting your manuscript to a journal. Submitting your manuscript to a journal is a Postdoctoral Diploma Program requirement. However, first send the manuscript and mentor summary letter to the CCaTS program education specialist to verify formatting and grant citation. Once verified by CCaTS, you will be notified to submit to the journal.

    Mentor summary statement to include:

    • The research was conducted by you (the scholar) and is scientifically sound
    • The manuscript is accurate and clearly written
    • You (the scholar) are the primary author of the manuscript
    • Indicate all journals you will be submitting to
  • After submitting your manuscript to a journal. Send the CCaTS program education specialist the journal name, submission number and submission date. Your manuscript will then be reviewed by the CCaTS Postdoctoral Programs Committee for approval and program completion.


Our Education Contacts page contains a listing of team members who can assist you with questions.

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