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Diploma Track

The Diploma Track in the Clinical Research Coordination (CRC) Program is available to students who already have an associate or bachelor's degree in any field. It combines didactic course work with a practical mentored fieldwork experience. Course work begins each August.

The Diploma Track comprises 36 credits, which you can complete in one year if you are a full-time student. Part-time study is possible. Once admitted to the Diploma Track, you have up to three years to complete it.

Prerequisites for the Diploma Track include a high school diploma or GED, as well as completion of both high school-level biology and algebra II within the past five years.

Required courses are offered by Rochester Community and Technical College (RCTC) and Mayo School of Health Sciences (MSHS). RCTC course work must be completed prior to or concurrent with MSHS course work.

MSHS courses are held at 5 p.m. on the Mayo Clinic campus in Rochester, Minn. Fieldwork is conducted on the Mayo Clinic campus between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. RCTC courses are available throughout the year during the day and evening, and in online sessions. See the RCTC course schedule for details.

Required professional education course work

RCTC course number, course name & credits MSHS course number, course name & credits
  1. BTEC 1610
  2. Medical Terminology: Body Systems and Diseases
  3. 2 credits
  1. CRSC 1010
  2. Foundations of Clinical Research I: Concepts and Theories
  3. 4 credits
  1. BUS 2240
  2. Project Management
  3. 3 credits
  1. CRSC 1100
  2. Legal and Regulatory Research Compliance in Clinical Research
  3. 4 credits
  1. HIMC 1840
  2. Introduction to Health Records
  3. 4 credits
  1. CRSC 2010
  2. Foundations of Clinical Research II: Applications
  3. 4 credits
  1. HIMC 1800
  2. Legal Aspects of Health Information
  3. 3 credits
  1. CRSC 2100
  2. Clinical Research Site Management
  3. 4 credits
  1. CRSC 3000
  2. Fieldwork
  3. 8 credits

Suggested course sequence (full-time)

Fall semester, year 1 Credits
BTEC 1610 (RCTC) 2
HIMC 1840 (RCTC) 4
CRSC 1010 (MSHS) 4
CRSC 1100 (MSHS) 4
Spring semester, year 1 Credits
BUS 2240 (RCTC) 3
HIMC 1800 (RCTC) 3
CRSC 2010 (MSHS) 4
CRSC 2100 (MSHS) 4
Summer semester, year 1 Credits
CRSC 3000 (MSHS) 8

Course descriptions


Our Education Contacts page contains a listing of team members who can assist you with questions.

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