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Clinical Research Coordination Program

Photo of a Mayo Clinic clinical research coordinator and patient

Admissions on pause

The mission of the Clinical Research Coordination Program is to provide a quality education for people who are looking to enter into the clinical research coordination profession. Our mission has been successful and is expanding to all Mayo Clinic sites and locations. To meet the goals of our expanded mission, the program leadership and faculty are placing admission and enrollment on pause to redesign the program into an expanded online format.

Clinical research coordinators, sometimes known as study coordinators, are an integral part of a team with scientists, physician-researchers and allied health staff members who conduct research with human subjects. Successful coordinators are compassionate and enjoy working with a diverse population. They are fascinated by research outcomes, thorough in data entry, organized, detail-oriented and flexible with their time.

If you have questions, please consult our Education Contacts page for a listing of team members who can assist with your questions.

  • May 20, 2014
  • ART641911