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The Center for Innovation (CFI) focuses on three platforms. Each platform is centered on human needs, has a multidisciplinary team, internal and external collaborators and a diverse portfolio of projects supported by a solid business model.

  1. Practice Redesign

    Reduce outpatient costs for Mayo Clinic by 30 percent while improving the patient experience and maintaining and enhancing quality outcomes.

    HOW are we doing this? Conducting radical experiments to develop new practice models by the end of 2012 with a goal of implementing the new model(s) in Mayo Clinic's outpatient practice by the end of 2014.

  2. Community Health Transformation

    Accomplish a Triple Aim* model in the Mayo Clinic Health System (MCHS) Central Region and Employee Community Health (ECH) (* improve the health of the population; Enhance the patient experience; and Reduce the per capita cost of care).

    HOW are we doing this? Creating "Triple Aim" prototypes by end of 2011 and implementing a pilot of the new model in the Mayo Clinic Health System's Central Region and Employee Community Health practice by 2012.

  3. Care at a distance

    Develop three sustainable models that extend specialty care from traditional clinic/hospital settings.

    HOW are we doing this? Pilots in three venues by mid 2012 — an underserved area in the Untied States, an affiliated practice, and a patient's home.

    HOW are we doing this? Providing adequate resources and giving intellectual freedom with minimal initial oversight and short timelines to a small team of unconventional thinkers and change agents. This allows the team to explore new spaces that have the potential to radically alter the health care landscape.

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