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Mission, Goals, and Approach

The mission of the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation (CFI) is to transform the experience and delivery of health care.


  1. Understand Human Needs
    1. Focus on the human experience to identify needs and design services, products and business models to meet those needs
  2. Innovate Care Delivery
    1. Accessible
    2. Affordable
    3. Value-driven
  3. Foster Open Collaboration
    1. Enable an environment of open innovation by collaborating internally and externally
  4. Generate Economic Value
    1. Demonstrate financial return from sustainable delivery models, services and products


The CFI approaches its work with a 'think big, start small and move fast' philosophy.

Bringing people together inside and outside of Mayo Clinic in new ways
Identifying opportunities and realize solutions that will transform care delivery and experience
Facilitating and accelerating the pace of innovation across Mayo Clinic
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