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Connect-Design-Enable (CoDE) Funding

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Fostering innovation is a primary focus for most organizations today. One of the most efficient sources for gathering great ideas is boots-on-the-ground employees who can tap into their creativity. To do this, innovative organizations find ways to provide employees with "thinking time" — a critical component to enable creative thinking — empowering employees to work on projects they are passionate about outside of their normal work time. Google and 3M are probably two of the most well-known organizations to do this.

Innovation in health care has never been more important. However, in health care, where days are carved up into time slots with patients and appointments, "free" time is hard to come by. Time literally equals money. In 2009, the Center for Innovation created CoDE funding opportunities — an annual internal grant program designed to fuel innovation that gives all Mayo employees opportunities to apply for funding to pursue project ideas they have developed.

By setting specific parameters for funding applications — such as placing completion timelines, working with center design teams, having physician proponents and a representational team from many sites — the team has watched these funding dollars grow into successful new models for delivering care. Often, the funds granted are used to purchase resources and people's time, such as developers, project managers and designers to help their visions become pilots to prototype.

Hear from past CoDE recipients and learn how CoDE funding helped them grow their ideas:

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Past CoDE projects include: