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The goal of this project was to develop a Web-based, self-populating system that will serve as the central location for critical warnings, updates on patient status, and availability of various testing modalities and results.

The key benefits of this project included:

  • Transparency and global situational awareness
  • Automatic display of important unit and patient specific data
  • Automatic notification of providers for critical safety data
  • Reduction of paging and phone calls between care providers
  • Better coordination of care between primary and consulting services

This technology improves the overall efficiency, situational awareness, patient safety and work environment for providers. Considerable information will be available at a glance by any team member from any location via the Mayo Clinic intranet.

Available information might include:

  • Unit and bed availability and occupancy
  • Admission or observations status
  • Isolation status
  • Elapsed length of stay
  • Names of services caring for patients
  • Names of team members caring for patients
  • Presence of critical vital signs or labs
  • Availability of lab or imaging study results
  • Completed consultation reports


With an initially successful implementation in the Department of Emergency Medicine, the team has introduced additional functionality and expanded implementation to other floors and departments at Mayo Clinic Hospital, Saint Marys Campus.


  • ART330202