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Stroke Telemedicine

Mayo Clinic in Arizona and Mayo Clinic in Florida have launched a superior stroke telemedicine (telestroke) program with a technologically advanced initiative, using InTouch Remote Presence Robot/Platforms to view patients via videoconference.

The Center for Innovation received two very similar proposals: Stroke Telemedicine for Arizona Rural Residents and Mayo Clinic Florida Regional Stroke Initiative.

Therefore, the center issued a single award for successful implementation and collaboration of the two applications. This provided more resources than one CoDE award and promoted the synergies of the two teams to create a broader telestroke initiative for Mayo Clinic, in anticipation that the innovation will expand in the future to include Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., and Mayo Clinic Health System.

The Mayo Clinic in Arizona stroke telemedicine initiative is already mature and underway. A successful telestroke pilot was completed. A five-year business plan was created to guide transition from a small government-subsidized research network to a large, self-sustainable business venture.

The Mayo Clinic in Florida Cerebrovascular Diseases division desires an opportunity to collaborate with Mayo Clinic in Arizona to learn from early success and build a similar in-state telestroke network in Florida.


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