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Pediatric Phlebotomy Chair

Mayo Clinic pediatric endocrinologist Aida N. Lteif, M.D., saw an opportunity to redesign the pediatric phlebotomy chair when her team was participating in a Mayo Service Excellence collaborative project geared toward improving the laboratory experience for children.

After receiving $50,000 in CoDE grants from the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation, the pediatric team prototyped and tested various chairs. The goal was to find a product that would hold playful distractions for patients, recline if patients fainted and allow phlebotomists to access patients with ease.


Dr. Lteif reflects on the project, saying, "For those of us who have seen children squirm, cry and faint while sitting in the phlebotomy chair, it was made quite clear that we needed to do something to make that experience more tolerable."

The prototype pediatric phlebotomy chair is being tested with positive results from patients and physicians.


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