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Patient App

Screenshot of Mayo Patient app

In order to meet the growing expectations of Mayo Clinic patients and to enhance the overall patient experience, the Center for Innovation created a unique, simple, portable electronic environment for Mayo guests and visitors.

The collaborative vision of Public Affairs and Workstation Support Services was to create a Web-based application that can be utilized through a variety of devices. This would allow patients to access wayfinding information, itineraries and dwell-time activities within and outside of Mayo Clinic, and receive patient-centric information such as messaging, education and appointment wait times.

The ultimate goal was to create an eConcierge — an electronic tool that acts as a Mayo Clinic concierge to enhance patients' visits by helping them navigate around Mayo. Think of this as a blue-vested volunteer at each patient's side.

"One of the nice things about this whole project is that everybody we talked to and everybody we worked with was really excited about it," says Mark D. Henderson, Workstation Support Services. "They were really engaged and interested in making it happen. And how cool is it that you can go to all of these different people at Mayo who all have busy days, busy jobs, a full list of things to do, and bring them yet one more thing to work on — only to have them all say, 'Yes, absolutely. How can we help make it happen?' "


The app was made available in the Apple Store and on on May 15, 2012. On the first day, the app was downloaded 1,000 times.

The top uses of Mayo's app so far are viewing appointments, clinical documents, lab results, the care team, medications and immunizations, as well as communicating with providers.


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