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Graphic showing elements involved in caregiving

Caregiver Solutions creates supportive wellness services for informal caregivers who are disengaged from their health and wellness needs due to the burden of giving care. This is the first business concept to be incubated within the Center for Innovation.

Qualitative research evaluated informal caregivers' experiences in caring for individuals with dementia or cognitive decline. Eighty-six caregivers were observed and interviewed over three months, which led to concept development for prototypes that were used in initial experiments to prove concepts.


This unique wellness-coaching model integrates a formula to understand key steps to support caregivers and move them toward improved health and wellness.

Caregiver coaches spend time with caregivers to understand:

  • Family dynamics
  • How they communicate
  • How they deal with loss
  • Relationships with the people they care for
  • Current lifestyle perception
  • Values, preferences and how they make decisions
  • Circle of support and influence
  • Resiliency
  • Flexibility for change
  • Knowledge of dementia
  • Self-care practices

All of these factors shape how caregivers cope and impact their overall wellness.


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