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Innovation Spotlight

Design Thinking in Health Care

Watch: The Center for Innovation in Action at Mayo Clinic

In these Yale School of Management videos, see how the Center for Innovation was established; how it uses the innovation discipline called "design thinking" to transform how health care is delivered and experienced at the Mayo Clinic; and case studies of successful Mayo Clinic projects. The Center for Innovation has completed more than 100 projects working in close collaboration with departments throughout the Mayo Clinic. The center's projects are focused around three primary goals: Redesigning Practice, Community Health Transformation, and Care-at-a-Distance. Its projects with its Mayo partners to date include innovations in health care delivery via digital communication platforms; community health care; patient safety in hospital intensive care units; redesigning exam rooms, electronic medical records, medical devices; and more.

How the CFI was Born

CFI Projects at Mayo Clinic

How Doctors and Designers Innovate Together

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