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The primary research interest of Qian Shi, Ph.D., is in the area of the conduct and methodology of clinical trials in cancer.

Areas of active research include evaluation and methodology of surrogate endpoints, clinical trial design, meta-analyses, survival analysis, prognostic and predictive biomarker analysis, and defining optimal endpoints for laboratory genetics experiments.

Focus areas

Dr. Shi is the primary consulting statistician for the Mayo Clinic Phase II Consortium, co-lead statistician for the Gastrointestinal Cancer Program of the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center, and faculty statistician for the Gastrointestinal Committee of the Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology. As such, she is involved in multiple ongoing clinical trials of both therapeutic and surgical cancer treatment.

Dr. Shi is also actively conducting methodology research on evaluation and validation of surrogate endpoints. Currently, Dr. Shi is the co-investigator or key member of three international surrogate endpoint evaluation groups: ACCENT (US), ARCAD (France) and FLASH (Switzerland).

Significance to patient care

While Dr. Shi is not directly involved in patient care activities, the research that she is a part of directly results in increased understanding of tumor genetics or patient factors that make their disease more or less aggressive.

The clinical trials that Dr. Shi is a part of, when successful, directly result in new treatment options for patients with cancer.


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Academic Rank

  1. Associate Professor of Biostatistics


  1. PhD - Biostatistics Thesis title: Bayesian Methods of Evaluation and Use of Surrogate Endpoints in Single-Trial Settings. Thesis Advisors: Mary Kathryn Cowles and Kathryn Chaloner. University of Iowa
  2. MS - Biostatistics University of Iowa
  3. BS - Pharmaceutics China Pharmaceutical University

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