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My research interests include clinical electrophysiology, including neurocardiogenic syncope, cardiac autonomic regulation, atrial fibrillation and sudden cardiac death.

My research program, based in the clinical electrophysiologic laboratory with a theme on the elderly, is categorized as follows:

Multidisciplinary approach to syncope evaluation: neurocardiogenic syncope and autonomic regulation.

The multidisciplinary team includes emergency room physicians, neurologists, internists and cardiologists. Mayo Clinic collaborators include Drs. Peter Smars, Wyatt Decker, Phillip Low, Robert Rea, Douglas Wood and Stephen Hammill. Methodologies include orthostatic stress, electrophysiologic evaluation, vascular reactivity (ultrasound imaging), spectral analysis, impedance cardiography and pharmacological dissections of clinical and basic neurovascular physiology.

Clinical outcomes following permanent pacemaker and defibrillator implantation Collaborating investigators include Drs. David Hayes and Paul Friedman. Methodologies include statistical modeling for decision making and risk stratification.

Clinical databases on atrial fibrillation and sudden cardiac death. Collaborators, including Drs. Andr? Terzic and Mike Ackerman, are studying single-channel electrophysiology and molecular biology in the basic laboratory. Methodologies include patch clamp techniques, calcium imaging and molecular biology. Clinical studies including population-based outsome studies and laboratory-based mechanisms in the human heart.


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Primary Appointment

  1. Cardiovascular Diseases

Academic Rank

  1. Professor of Medicine


  1. Fellow - Cardiology Mayo Clinic in Rochester
  2. Fellow - Cardiology, Electrophysiology Duke University
  3. Resident - Internal Medicine Mayo Clinic in Rochester
  4. Internship - Internal Medicine Mayo Clinic in Rochester
  5. MD New York Medical College
  6. BS - Biochemistry/Math State University of New York at Stony Brook

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