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Brian W. Pickering, M.B., B.Ch., has been involved in the development of novel electronic interfaces for use in the intensive care unit (ICU) that facilitate reduced cognitive load, medical errors and resource utilization.

He has extensive experience in evaluating systems of health care delivery and in the delivery of quality improvements to those systems.

Focus areas

Dr. Pickering's main research interest areas include:

  • Health care delivery processes in the ICU and operating room
  • Health information technology and human performance
  • ICU outcomes
  • Practice improvement

Significance to patient care

The research of Dr. Pickering is focused on improving processes of care in the ICU to improve patient health and outcomes while reducing medical costs.

Leveraging the sophisticated electronic infrastructure available at Mayo Clinic, Dr. Pickering is developing novel user interfaces, smart alerts and reporting dashboards that will target deviations from best practice and support health care providers in delivering a consistently high level of clinical performance to the bedside.

With this work, it is anticipated that patients will suffer less error and have fewer missed diagnoses and interventions, while utilizing less health care resources.


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