Rochester, Minnesota




The primary activities of Walter K. Kremers, Ph.D., relate to the statistical analysis of data arising from transplantation and the area of health care policy.

Focus areas

  • Transplantation. Dr. Kremers' work mostly concerns solid-organ transplantation in the clinical setting, but he also works with blood and marrow transplantation and laboratory studies.
  • Health care policy. In this area, Dr. Kremers' work addresses the areas of cost, utilization and comparative effectiveness. Driven by the need in applications, his methodological interests have been in survival analysis and in particular competing risks analysis. Dr. Kremers also works with resampling methods for their efficiencies in obtaining results for complex problems.

Significance to patient care

A major contribution of Dr. Kremers has been with the study of the Model for End-Stage Liver Disease (MELD) score as a predictor of mortality in patients with end-stage liver disease, and the value of the MELD score as a tool in ranking patient urgency for transplantation.


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