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Research interests include computer aided diagnosis as well as the study of effects of image compression on diagnosis. This includes the development and validation of algorithms that can detect change (progression or regresion) of brain cancer and multiple sclerosis. These are being applied to patients with MS in which there are biopsy data characterizing the lesions. In addition, multiple studies of various irreversible (lossy) image compression methods have been undertaken to determine the maximum ratio which can be applied without loss of information.

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Professional Details

Primary Appointment

  1. Radiology

Joint Appointment

  1. Health Sciences Research

Academic Rank

  1. Professor of Radiology


  1. Fellow - Neuroradiology Department of Radiology
  2. Resident Department of Radiology
  3. MD/PhD Biophysics/Biophysical Sciences, Mayo Graduate School, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine
  4. MD Mayo Medical School, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine
  5. PhD - Biophysics - Biomedical Imaging Track Mayo Graduate School of Medicine, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine

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