Rochester, Minnesota


Broadly, my current research interests are primarily focused in the areas of statistical genetics and longitudinal data from epidemiology studies. Within our statistical genetics group, I've been helping develop a number of local infrastructure tools to handle the rapidly changing data sources and methodologies. I've also been experimenting with copy number variation data extraction tools and the use of CNV data within genome-wide studies. As a consulting statistical geneticist I collaborate with a number of investigators, with much of my effort directed toward better understanding the role genetics plays in MS, atherosclerosis, and various gastroenterology diseases. Additionally, I have collaborated with the Mayo osteoporosis research program for more than 19 years which has provided me with multiple opportunities to grapple with analysis of various types of longitudinal data. Most recently I've been working to better understand modeling observed and expected data and the accelerated aging problem.

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Primary Appointment

  1. Biostatistics

Academic Rank

  1. Assistant Professor of Biostatistics


  1. MS - Statistics University of Iowa
  2. BA - Mathematics Grinnell College
  3. Other Budapest Semesters in Mathematics

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