The Microscopy and Cell Analysis Core is fully equipped and expertly staffed to perform specimen preparation, light and electron microscopy, photography, digital imaging, and multiparameter flow analysis and cell sorting services to Mayo Clinic investigators from both clinical and basic science laboratories.

The facility also performs X-ray probe microanalysis, immunogold labeling, 3-D electron microscopy reconstruction from serial-sectioned specimens and high-resolution reconstruction. These are obtained using image averaging of negative-stained and cryo-tomography imaged specimens.

Instrumentation and expertise are supported for various techniques, including high-end optical, two-photon, super-resolution, laser confocal, total internal reflection fluorescence, ratio imaging and other optical methods. In addition, flow cytometry and live cell-sorting technologies and analysis are supported.

Core staff and scientific director, Jeffrey L. Salisbury, Ph.D. are available for the development and implementation of new microscopy techniques and for testing and evaluation of instrumentation of value to individual investigators.