Sports Medicine Program Overview

Mayo Clinic Department of Sports Medicine flywheel

The Sports Medicine Program research team performs leading-edge research in order to define mechanism of injury, and utilize these findings to implement educational programs and therapeutic interventions. In other words, our work will prevent injuries, enhance athletic performance, and increase injury prevention during play.

We investigate all aspects of sports injury evaluation, treatment, and prevention in order to provide optimal treatment to those involved in sports- or fitness-related activities. Recent work has addressed such subjects as facial protection for hockey players, shock absorption in running shoes, and shoulder stability.

Our goals are to identify the mechanisms underlying musculoskeletal injuries; and discover / develop effective interventions for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of these injuries. In addition, our research will enhance the quality-of-life for those prone to or affected by sports-related injuries.

To achieve our research goals and provide the best care to our athlete patients, we collaborate with the Department of Orthopedics and Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Mayo Clinic and area schools.