Shared Services

In support of its three scientific programs — the Value Analysis Program, Health Care Systems Engineering Program and Health Care Delivery Research Program — the Mayo Clinic Robert D. and Patricia E. Kern for the Science of Health Care Delivery has several shared services.


  • Small grants program. To encourage novel and pilot studies related to the science of health care delivery, the center plans to provide additional funding to grow existing small grants programs at Mayo Clinic.
  • Information technology (IT). As the center requires a robust IT infrastructure able to supply real-time answers, it is partnering with Mayo Clinic's IT department to make available a broad spectrum of support that will facilitate the acquisition, integration and delivery of data for analysis and incorporation into clinical practice.
  • Funding. The center has dedicated staff members who keep faculty apprised of potential grant and other funding opportunities, as well as prepare documents and data for grant proposals.
  • Medical Informatics Core. This group is exploring and providing informatics resources that optimize data usage, decision making, data mining and knowledge discovery.
  • Data Management Office. As many projects in the Center for the Science of Health Care Delivery require access to large patient cohorts, involve linkages to various data sources and entail sharing of data, this proposed office will provide support for data use, policy interpretation and compliance specifically for the center's programs and projects.


  • Scholars program. Based on an existing Mayo Clinic scholars program in health care delivery research, the center's Health Care Delivery Scholars Program will train clinicians in value analysis and health care systems engineering.
  • Training and curriculum. To train investigators in the various facets of the science of health care delivery, the center is creating a new health care delivery curriculum and recruiting researchers for formal training, such as through the Health Care Delivery Scholars Program and the KL2 Mentored Career Development Program.
  • Interns and fellows. Several internships and training programs already exist at Mayo related to the science of health care delivery. The center will fund additional intern and fellow positions in these programs, with a goal of providing educational opportunities for highly qualified and motivated students.

Information sharing

  • Communications and public affairs. To share the Center for the Science of Health Care Delivery's latest news and updates with Mayo staff, the public and others, communications staff members maintain the center's website and social media presence, and work with the media.
  • Publications. In addition to funding additional medical writers in Mayo's scientific publications office to support center faculty and initiatives, the center is also creating a mentoring program and peer groups to further assist investigators in paper writing and publishing.