Genetic Determinants of Lung Cancer Survival

The most effective treatment for lung cancer needs to be offered to the right patients at the right time.

The Epidemiology and Genetics of Lung Cancer Research Program's study on the genetic determinants of lung cancer will validate comprehensive and clinical models that accurately predict treatment outcomes and survival based on genomic markers in patients and in their tumors.

These models will be implemented as an easy-to-use tool for assisting patient- and tumor-specific treatment selection and facilitating communication among researchers and care providers.

More specifically, our goal is to build comprehensive and clinically useful models to assist patient-specific treatment selection and to predict therapy responses and survival endpoints, weighing in host and tumor markers to the established predictors.

We have explored such innovative approaches as systems biology and deep nucleic acid sequencing to effectively identify new and meaningful predictive biomarkers and potential therapeutic targets.

Research significance

The significance of this study can be summarized in three levels:

  • The first is lung cancer, the deadly disease under study that has challenged the world for decades in medicine and public health
  • The second is the goal to develop clinically useful models to accurately predict therapy responses and survival endpoints, which could assist treatment decision-making for optimal results and proactively prepare effective management for expected adverse effects
  • The third is the specific aims that are designed to rigorously validate highly promising genomic markers through independent data sets from multiple institutions, provide answers to the relative impact of these markers on the short- and long-term outcomes of lung cancer patients, and produce a Web-based tool accessible to researchers, clinicians and patients

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