Epidemiology and Genetics of Lung Cancer Research Program

Today, more people die of lung cancer than from any other forms of cancer combined. However, little significant improvement has been made on how to cure this disease in advanced stage. Unfortunately, the majority of lung cancer patients are diagnosed with advanced disease.

Mayo Clinic researchers discovered that some inherited factors could influence the course of lung cancer, including response to treatment, disease progression, development of new cancer, survival and quality of life of the patients.

Over the past decade, thousands of lung cancer patients and their relatives have taken part in our lung cancer studies, enabled clinicians and researchers to carry out long-term, in-depth studies of disease etiology and patient outcome.

Our basic aims are to find people who are at high risk of developing lung cancer through better understanding of how genes or traits can be easily tested to guide treatment for each patient, and to improve survival and quality of life among lung cancer patients.

While our purposes are to better understand the causes and natural history of lung cancer, our ultimate goals are to improve early detection, develop patient-specific treatment plan, and help achieving better quality of life.