Clinical Core

Director: Vijay Shah, M.D.
Associate Director: Lisa A. Boardman, M.D.

A requisite step for translating laboratory-based discoveries into human treatments is the process of validating research results in human tissues.


  • Centralized access to 12 participating GI biobanks and institutional biospecimen resources
  • Institutional Review Board (IRB) protocol development and modification support
  • Identification of biospecimens meeting your specific research criteria
  • Pathologist review of tissues
  • Biospecimen processing request form support
  • Access to the Clinical Core database that serves as an electronic repository of clinical, epidemiological and molecular data
  • De-identified, phenotypic data
  • Standardized epidemiological questionnaire for GI biobanks
  • Expedited implementation of barcoding technology and database software for biospecimen inventory management