Research Facts and Funding

Research at Mayo Clinic involves thousands of medical professionals who are searching for answers to complex medical problems, all toward the goal of bringing new solutions and advanced care to patients throughout the world.

Mayo's commitment to research was honored in 2016 by Research!America. John H. Noseworthy, M.D., Mayo Clinic president and CEO, received the Geoffrey Beene Builders of Science Award on behalf of Mayo Clinic. This award is part of Research!America's Advocacy Awards Program, which recognizes individuals and organizations that have effectively advanced the nation's commitment to research.

2016 statistics

Pie chart of 2016 Mayo Clinic research funding


  • Full-time scientific faculty: 332
  • Physicians actively involved in research: 758
  • Full-time research personnel: 3,120


  • Core research laboratories: 24
  • Research laboratory space: 372,157 square feet
  • Total research space: 952,605 square feet

Studies, publications and grants

  • Active Institutional Review Board-approved human research studies: More than 11,000
  • New Institutional Review Board-approved human research studies: 2,937
  • Research and review articles in peer-reviewed journals: More than 7,600
  • Active grants and contracts: 4,815