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Degrees are granted to scholars in the Postdoctoral Master's Degree Program four times a year — on the third Friday in February, August and November, and in mid-May. Scholars graduating in May are included in a formal joint Mayo Graduate School-Mayo Medical School graduation ceremony.

No ceremony is held in February, August or November, but scholars who graduate at one of those times are invited and encouraged to participate in the May ceremony.

Graduation deadlines

To graduate in: Submit thesis draft by:* Complete all requirements by:
February Nov. 1 Jan. 1
August May 1 July 1
November Aug. 1 Oct. 1
May Feb. 1 April 1
*These dates are guidelines. Your thesis draft must be submitted at least six weeks before your anticipated thesis defense date.

For May 2014 graduates, a draft thesis is due to the CCaTS education coordinator by Feb 1. After approval, scholars should schedule their defense by March 8 (same date every year) and complete all requirements, including the thesis defense, by April 8 (same date every year).

See Final Oral Examination for details.

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