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Student Profiles

Laboratory-based research

Students conducting research on the underlying pathophysiology of diseases; markers of disease presence, severity or improvement; and/or the development of drugs or devices used to treat disease or improve health.

  1. Baez, Pedro J.

    Mechanisms of Crosstalk in the Cholangiocarcinoma Microenvironment

  2. Wyles, Cody C.

    Genetics and Molecular Biology of Avascular Necrosis

Patient-based research

Students conducting research with human subjects (or on material of human origin, such as tissues, specimens and cognitive phenomena), including clinical trials.

  1. Jimenez Almonte, Jose H.

    Crosslinking Parameters and Cytotoxicity of Injectable Polypropylene Fumarate-Co-Polycaprolactone (PPF-co-PCL) Copolymers for Bone Tissue Engineering

  2. Olazagasti Lourido, Jeannette M.

    Development of a Predictive Model of Disease Outcomes Using Clinical Disease Features, Autoantibodies and Serum Biomarkers in Patients With Inflammatory Muscle Disease