The Complementary and Integrative Medicine program offers additional training.

Current Workshops:

Stress Management And Resilience Training (SMART) Program

Participants in SMART can expect to learn the recent advances in neurosciences and brain-mind interactions particularly as they relate to human attention, judgment, memory, decision making, well being, creativity, and happiness. Based on this understanding participants will learn a two step approach toward training Attention and Interpretations. Attention training will help them achieve an attention that is focused, relaxed, balanced, non-judgmental and in the present moment. Interpretation training will help them learn a structured program to develop a calm disposition with decreased prejudices and greater focus on forgiveness, acceptance, higher meaning in life, gratitude and compassion. A particular focus of the program is to enhance interpersonal skills. The program is intended to decrease stress and enhance resilience and well being.

For more in-depth study, we offer the Attention and Interpretation Therapy Professional Development course through the Mayo School of Health Sciences. This course is based on recent advances in scientific understanding of attention and brain networks. Program graduates will incorporate stress management and resilience enhancement skills for their own well-being and will train patients and learners in this approach.

For additional information contact Barb Thomley, Course Co-Administrator.