Supporting Cancer Research

Cancers once resistant to therapy are now being held in check. Aggressive and advanced cancers have more treatment options. Patients are getting customized cancer medications that target the genetic source of disease. And the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center is at the forefront of the research, making such progress possible.

Benefactors are the foundation of discovery

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Thanks to benefactor support, Mayo Clinic Cancer Center researchers are making groundbreaking discoveries that lead to more-effective cancer therapies.

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Among other accomplishments, Mayo Clinic Cancer Center researchers recently have:

  • Activated the immune system against certain cancers, enabling the body to fight back better
  • Discovered a new class of molecular mutation in breast cancer, helping further identify tumor subtypes and new treatment strategies
  • Developed novel and targeted drug, immunology and gene therapies, better controlling the cellular changes that drive cancer
  • Completed the world's first genome-wide analysis of peripheral T-cell lymphomas, unlocking the genetic secrets of this poorly understood and highly aggressive immune system cancer

Benefactor-supported research: The BEAUTY Project

One example of the significance of benefactor support to cancer research is the BEAUTY Project, which is partially funded by donations to Mayo Clinic.

Patients whose cancers can't be treated with chemotherapy alone and who must undergo a lumpectomy or mastectomy typically face a higher risk that the cancer will return after tumor removal. This presents an all-too-familiar challenge for patients and oncologists.

The benefactor-supported BEAUTY Project is providing hope for these patients. The study is enrolling 200 breast cancer patients and sequencing both their healthy tissue and the tumor, and doing it twice — once before chemotherapy and once after chemotherapy — to evaluate how the tumor has adapted to chemotherapy.

Mayo Clinic researchers are also taking samples of patient tumors and implanting them in mice. These mouse avatars will allow researchers to test the effects of new chemotherapy drugs. The researchers hope to identify key molecular targets for existing and new drugs and to establish an optimum dosage for each person.

"What is so exciting about this study is that it has the potential to really bring individualized medicine to our patients," says Matthew P. Goetz, M.D., the medical oncologist co-leading the BEAUTY Project. "It will transform how we conduct breast cancer research and how drug therapies are delivered to women with breast cancer."

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Saving lives with remarkable advances

Despite accomplishments like the BEAUTY Project and other research, much work lies ahead, and Mayo Clinic can't do it alone.

The Mayo Clinic Cancer Center needs philanthropic partners to achieve its ultimate goal — conquering cancer in its many forms. Government funding alone simply isn't enough to provide all the resources needed to support cutting-edge discoveries like those coming out of the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center.

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