Research in our laboratory is directed along two main project lines:

  1. Thoracic Oncology: We have a number of basic and translational interests in thoracic malignancies. The application of gene expression biomarkers for the molecular staging of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) is an emerging field with the promise of clinical translation. At a more basic level, we are interested in the molecular steps transforming a normal bronchial epithelial cell through dysplasia to malignancy. A number of modern genomic, proteomic, and mouse transgenic technologies are used in these studies.
  2. Lung organogenesis: Understanding the molecular mechanisms involved in growth and development of the normal lung are fundamental to harnessing these processes for clinical tissue regeneration. In addition, a number of onco/devo links have implications for understanding molecular mechanisms of malignant transformation. We use the mouse as a model for this work, and are interested in the potential role of lung stem cells both as precursors of lung adenocarcinoma and for utilization in regenerative strategies.