Scaffold Publications

  • Moore, M. J., E. Jabbari, E. L. Ritman, L. Lu, B. L. Currier, A. J. Windebank and
    M. J. Yaszemski: Quantitative analysis of interconnectivity of porous biodegradable scaffolds with micro-computed tomography. J Biomed Mater Res 71A(2):258-267, 2004.
  • Lee, K.-W., S. Wang, B. C. Fox, E. L. Ritman, M. J. Yaszemski, L. Lu: Poly (Propylene Fumarate) bone tissue engineering scaffold fabrication using stereolithography: Effects of resin formulations and laser parameters. Biomacromolecules 8(4):1077-1084, 2007.
  • Op den Buijs, J., D. Dragomir-Daescu, E. L. Ritman: Cyclic deformation-induced solute transport in tissue scaffolds with computer designed, interconnected, pore networks: Experiments and simulations. Annals of Biomedical Engineering.
  • Op den Buijs, J., K-W Lee, S. M. Jorgensen, S-F. Wang, M. J. Yaszemski, E. L. Ritman: High resolution x-ray imaging of dynamic solute transport in cyclically deformed porous tissue scaffolds. Proc SPIE, Medical Imaging 2008, 6916:69161A-1—69161A-10, 2008.
  • Plath, A. S., T. L. Kline, D. R. Eaker, P. E. Beighley, A. J. Vercnocke, E. L. Ritman: Micro-CT analysis of sea sponge pore architecture as a model of a cell-populated synthetic tissue scaffold. Proc SPIE Medical Imaging 7262:72622K-1 – 726225K-5, 2009.

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