Projects List

Protocols are conducted after approval by the Institutional Review Board at Mayo Rochester. NIH R01 mechanisms support ongoing investigations in growth hormone, testosterone, luteinizing hormone, adrenocorticotropic hormone, cortisol and insulin in men and women. Several current studies include:

  1. Conjoint Impact of Age and Testosterone Repletion on GH Secretion in Men (Male Leuprolide Study 321-04).
  2. Age and Estrogen Repletion Control Single Secretagogue Drive of GH Secretion in Women (Female Leuprolide Study 1009-04).
  3. A Pilot Study of the Mechanistic Bases for Age-Related Partial Androgen Deficiency in Community-Dwelling Men (LH-Te Study 963-03 in Young and Older Men).
  4. Estimation of Endogenous Heterotypic Peptidyl Stimulation of ACTH Secretion Under a Fixed Secretagogue Clamp (877-04 Study in Older Men and Women).
  5. A Pilot Study to Develop a New Model for Assessment of Glucose Metabolism in Humans (2110-07 Diabetes Study).