Nayoung Kang, B.S.

Photo of Nayoung Kang, B.S.

Research Assistant
(2010 – present)

Nayoung Kang graduated in 2010 from the University of Georgia with a BS degree in Biology. She worked as an undergraduate researcher for four semesters at the Department of Pharmaceutial and Biomedical Sciences, characterizing mutations of human equilibrative nucleoside transporter3 (hENT3).

Nayoung joined our laboratory to continue to research on ENTs and explore new interests in the field of neuroscience.

Her laboratory skills are comprised mainly of molecular biology work that includes site-directed mutagenesis, in vitro RNA transcription, plasmid preparation using bacteria transformation, plasmid isolation, amplification of DNA using polymerase chain reaction, and mammalian cell culture. Other frequently used skills include gel electrophoresis, gel extraction, and media preparation.

Nayoung’s main goal for the future is to attend a medical school to pursue a career in medicine.