Chelsea Adams, B.A.

Photo of Chelsea Adams, B.A.

Ph.D. Student
(2010 − present)

Chelsea Adams joined the Neurobiology of Disease Ph.D. Program in 2010. Chelsea developed an interest in neurological diseases in high school while volunteering in the Alzheimer’s unit at the Scioto Community nursing home in Columbus, Ohio. She continued to pursue her interests at Kenyon College where she carried out research on behavior and neurochemistry using transgenic mice, a mouse model for autism.

In addition, Chelsea served as an intern in Dr. Keith Henry’s molecular neuroscience lab at the University of North Dakota. At UND she studied the serotonin and dopamine transporters (SERT and DAT) using biochemical techniques and genetic manipulation. Chelsea’s research contributed to our current understanding of ion coupling in SERT.

In 2010, Chelsea obtained a BA degree in Neuroscience from Kenyon College. Chelsea aims to investigate the roles of neurotensin receptors and purinergic system in alcoholism. She aspires to extend her research in the field of neuropsychiatric disorders and to eventually become an independent scientist in an academic institute.