Epidemiology of Nephrolithiasis and Chronic Kidney Disease

Principal Investigator
Andrew D. Rule, M.D.

Preliminary evidence gathered by Dr. Rule has demonstrated that nephrolithiasis is a risk factor for subsequent development of chronic kidney disease. The underlying pathogenic factors to explain this association will be investigated in this project. This project will take advantage of a unique resource available at Mayo Clinic to enumerate and collate nearly all healthcare records in Olmsted County, the Rochester Epidemiology Project. A population based retrospective cohort and a prospective cohort of incident kidney stone formers with matched controlsis being studied. Results will better characterize the natural history of nephrolithiasis and help identify which category of nephrolithiasis patients might require more aggressive treatment strategies to prevent loss of kidney function overtime. An additional benefit of this project will be collection of blood, urine, and DNA samples in addition to detailed clinical history and exam findings, which can be used for other epidemiologic studies as well as for future genotype-phenotype studies. For example, these patients will be used for Pilot Project #2 (Genetic variation of oxalate transporters in CaOx nephrolithiasis).