Annual Urology O'Brien Center Retreat

The Mayo Clinic Urology O'Brien Center has an annual retreat to review progress of the Center. At this daylong event, each investigator gives a detailed presentation about their ongoing projects. At least one outside investigator will be invited to participate and give a keynote address. At this retreat, Urology O'Brien Center personnel will be encouraged to "think outside the box" in order to forge new paths in our research endeavor. This forum will also serve as an incubator to facilitate research interaction within the Urology O'Brien Center.

Save the date: 2009 Annual Retreat will be September 12 in Rochester!

Travel Program

Travel to appropriate conferences that is not covered by other existing grants will be made available to individual Mayo Clinic Urology O'Brien Center investigators and trainees. Grants for such travel, at a cost of $1000 per trip, will be made available each year through the Educational Enrichment Program. Applications for these funds will be solicited at the beginning of each financial year and reviewed by the Education Enrichment Committee. Secondary review by the Executive Committee of the Mayo Clinic Urology O'Brien Center and approval by institutional committees will be required. This program will allow junior investigators and trainees to attend important nephrolithiasis research meetings such as the annual Research on Calculus Kinetics (ROCK) Society meetings, American Urological Association meetings, or American Society of Nephrology meetings; biannual Primary Hyperoxaluria Workshops, European Urolithiasis Meetings, FASEB or Gordon Conferences; or quadrennial International Urolithiasis Symposia. Travel to visit collaborating researchers outside of Mayo Clinic will also be considered by this mechanism.

Contact Dr. Romero for details.