Awards, Honors and News


METRIC is a recipient of the 2012 Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation Health Care Innovation Award, Patient Centered Cloud-based Electronic System: Ambient Warning and Response Evaluation (ProCCESs AWARE).

Project summary: The Mayo Clinic, in collaboration with US Critical Illness and Injury Trials Group and Philips Research North America, is receiving an award to improve critical care performance for Medicare/Medicaid beneficiaries in intensive care units (ICUs).

Data shows that 27% of such Medicare beneficiaries face preventable treatment errors due to information overload among ICU providers. The Mayo Clinic model will enhance effective use of data using a Cloud-based system that combines a centralized data repository with electronic surveillance and quality measurement of care responses.

As a result, Mayo expects to reduce ICU complications and costs. Over a three-year period, the Mayo Clinic will train 1,440 existing ICU caregivers in four diverse hospital systems to use new health information technologies effectively in managing ICU patient care.

Individual Awards

Critical Care Fellows have received these and awards and honors:

  • 2012: Travel Award, American Thoracic Society (Michelle Biehl, M.D.)
  • 2012: Epidemiology and Outcomes Specialty Award, Society of Critical Care Medicine (Sonal Rachmale, M.D.)

Ognjen Gajic, M.D., has received these awards and honors:

  • 2011: Epidemiology and Outcomes Specialty Award, Society of Critical Care Medicine
  • 2009: IBM Faculty Award
  • 2008: Distinguished Mentor Award, Mayo Center for Translational Science Activities, Mayo Clinic
  • 2008: Epidemiology/Outcomes Specialty Award, Society of Critical Care Medicine
  • 2007: Best Poster Award, CHEST 2007, American College of Chest Physicians
  • 2007: Best Abstract Award, International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine
  • 2006: Presidential Citation, Critical Care Assembly, American Thoracic Society
  • 2004: In-Training Fellow Award, Society of Critical Care Medicine