Familial Cancer Program

Genetic consultation through the Mayo Clinic Familial Cancer Program is available for individuals suspected of having genetic susceptibility to melanoma. Clinical features that would be concerning for familial melanoma include:

  • Two or more melanomas occurring in the same person
  • Melanoma occurring in two or more members of the same family
  • History of prior abnormal moles (atypical or dysplastic) in a person who develops a melanoma
  • An abnormal mole in more than one generation of the same family in which a family member has had melanoma
  • Melanoma diagnosed under the age of 40
  • Melanoma plus family history showing high rate of cancers, especially at young ages

The genetic consultation will focus on cancer risk assessment, strategies for risk reduction and early detection, and education about familial melanoma and additional testing options. Participants are also invited (not required) to provide a blood sample for cancer research purposes.

Appointments for evaluation of possible familial melanoma can be arranged by calling 507-284-8004, or see www.mayoclinic.org for more information.

Mayo Clinic Comprehensive Cancer Center