Postdoctoral Position - Knowledge and Evaluation Research Unit

Postdoctoral research position to work on designing interventions and design and conduct clinical trials of interventions to promote shared decision making. Examples of current areas of focus include decision aids, redesign of clinical offices, health policy interventions; sharing quantitative information with patients about novel diagnostics and therapeutics; clinical decisions and treatment adherence in patients with chronic conditions; interventions in usual primary care settings. Research background in applied psychology, health policy, or health services is highly desired; knowledge of health services/clinical research methodology, adequate communication (written and oral) and teamwork skills are required; history of successfully funded grants would be a plus.

Healthcare Delivery Research Scholar's Program (HEDER Scholars)

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Research Trainee Program

We are currently recruiting for our research trainee program. The program provides a solid mentored research experience with hands-on one-on-one mentoring.

Each trainee will participate and conduct a clinical research project, doable in the given time frame. Trainees will have designated research space and computer at the KER Unit, working among our team.

As part of the mentored research experience, trainees can develop skills to conduct knowledge synthesis (systematic reviews and meta-analyses) research or clinical trials associated with improving the quality of clinical decision making. Also, trainees will receive formal instruction on literature searching and critical appraisal of the literature, and will engage in team work with Mayo research professionals at the KER Unit.

Trainees can expect to participate in at least one manuscript and to generate at least 3 abstracts as first authors; the Unit will cover travel and presentation expenses for accepted work at national conferences. We present often at the annual meetings of the Endocrine Society, American Diabetes Association, Society for Medical Decision Making, and Society for General Internal Medicine. Our collaborators have presented work conducted at the KER Unit in major national specialty meetings. The experience includes individualized coaching for scientific writing and poster or podium presentations. Other authorship opportunities are often available.

Duration & Timing:

1 year, full time, start dates are flexible. Research Trainees are responsible for their own expenses. No stipend is provided.

Other Benefits:

  • Use of Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center (gym)- nominal fee
  • Free bus pass to travel to and from Clinic
  • Access to Clinic wide seminars and lectures
  • Opportunity to take classes at the Mayo Graduate School

KER Unit Experiences

Student Intern, Mathew Labella, 2006

"Victor is an exceptional mentor. His attentivness to the individual and their goals as well as his communication of expectations is refreshing. What I've gained from working with his lab goes far beyond the research knowledge I aquired, which was formidible. My interactions with the openminded and intelligent people that work at the KER Unit rounded out a great experience. I submitted one abstract and obtained 2 papers as a result of my experience in the KER Unit."

Ripon College Sophomore, Sara Heim, May-August 2007

"I liked the opportunity to work with patients. It is always a learning experience to see medical care from their perspective. The KER Unit team was very considerate, hard working, and fun. We worked great as a team, yet I headed some of my own projects. I collected about 300 patient experience surveys, researched background information for a women's study, scanned eligible patients for osteoporosis and diabetes choice trials, called patients for follow up, and more."

Resident, Michael Nannega, M.D., 2005-2006

"As an intern with little research background, I was nervous that I would have little to contribute to any project. In the KER Unit, I found that my opinion was valued. The KER Unit's many diverse members created an ideal environment for collaboration, helping me to go much farther with my project than I had imagined, and opportunities for further projects remain abundant. I've written a paper on how the statin treatment decision aid has affected patients' perceptions of trust in their provider. I've had 1 abstract, 2 presentations, and 1 paper published based on my experience."

Post-PhD Trainee, Lilisbeth Perestelo-Perez, Ph.D., 2008-2009

"My time at the KER Unit has been a very valuable addition to my research experience in Spain. I have enjoyed working as a research fellow at the KER Unit and it has been a wonderful learning experience for me. I have had the privilege of being part of a team of hard-working, devoted colleagues which has made for an enriching experience. Not only have I gained valuable research experience, but I have also had the real pleasure of working with the brilliant minds and friendly personalities behind the KER Unit. Everyone here is quick to help and eager to learn. I’m proud to be a part of this team and I am incredibly grateful to Professor Victor Montori for his continuing encouragement and support."

Research trainee, Paula Gabriela Ponce de León Lovatón, May-June 2009
Medical Student, Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, Lima, Peru

"During my time at the KER Unit, I had the opportunity to meet and join an excellent team. Each member helped me integrate to the lab and to learn the process required to develop and run research."

"Despite my short stay in Rochester, the support and confidence that the KER Unit team gave me allowed me to join and develop several projects. In all, I learned about research design, planning and development of systematic reviews, and design of databases."

"I felt that the KER Unit allowed me to get research training and to join a great research family. The best part of this lab is that the experience doesn’t end when you finish your time here; it is just the beginning to a new world of research ideas, projects, collaborations, and friendships."

Research trainee, Becca Camp, June-August 2010

My summer as a research trainee in the KER Unit was transformative. I was given the freedom to choose a project that interested me greatly. I was very fulfilled by the work I did—and my enthusiasm will carry through to a paper of my own, based on ideas that were cultivated from the original project. My colleagues and team members welcomed and trusted me; giving me great opportunities to contribute. I couldn’t have asked for a more extraordinary team or a richer learning environment. The experience was invaluable.