Our interactive lab team utilizes computer science, molecular techniques, and neurobiology in studying chronic pain.

Chronic pain ranks among the most common medical problems. Currently available analgesic treatments frequently fail. The National Institute of Health (NIH) calls pain "a critical national health problem" because chronic pain is "the most common reason for medical appointments. In addition, chronic pain accounts for more than $100 billion each year in health care and lost productivity in the U.S.

Chronic pain affects more than 50 million Americans per year. Pain often results in disability and, even when not disabling, it has a profound effect on the quality of life (NIH - Program Announcement PA-07-282).

Our three main areas of research are:

  1. Transcriptomics and Epigenetic Mechanisms of Chronic Pain
  2. Bioinformatics Methods Development for Short-read Sequencing ("nextgen") Genomics Studies in Neuroscience
  3. Gene Therapy for Pain

This site provides more insight into the challenges of treating chronic pain and about our laboratory. Please contact us with questions or ideas; or if you have an interest in joining our research team.