The overall goal of the Cancer Biology and Translational Oncogenomics Laboratory of John A. Copland III, Ph.D., at Mayo Clinic in Florida is to understand molecular mechanisms of carcinogenesis and tumor progression.

Toward that goal, the Cancer Biology and Translational Oncogenomics Lab:

  • Genomically profiles human carcinomas to identify aberrant signaling pathways, and then further explores these pathways in order to create novel, synergistic cancer therapies
  • Has identified RhoB as a key modulator for drug response in anaplastic thyroid carcinoma for inhibiting growth and inducing cell death
  • Has discovered that Stearoyl-CoA desaturase (SCD1) plays an important role in renal cell carcinoma viability
  • Is creating valid preclinical models that mimic patient tumors in order to better understand how tumors originate, survive and metastasize