Enteric Function

NIDDK Grant [5 years pending]: Support for medical and microscipic image analysis in GI Reserach Drs. Richard Robb and Joseph Szurszewski

This Program Project Grant “Pathobiology of the Enteric System” builds upon the extensive experience in and superb record of accomplishments in the basic, clinical and translational research in gastrointestinal motility at the Mayo Clinic.  This Program Project focuses on dysmotility of the gastrointestinal tract in patients with diabetes, and expands its existing research portfolio to include new and established investigators in immuneology, neurology, radiology, and biomedical imaging sciences.  Thus, considerable coordination and administrative effort is essential to manage this program.


The Administrative Core:

  1. Ensures that adequate progress is made on all projects;
  2. Supervises and coordinates the preparation of budgets;
  3. Reviews and evaluates Imaging Core resource utilization;
  4. Develops plans for future initiatives;
  5. Manages all issues and communications within relevant administrative entities within Mayo and extramurally;
  6. Coordinates the meetings of the Executive Committee and Internal Advisory Committee; and
  7. Coordinates the annual meeting of the External Advisory Committee.

Implementation and management of the Program Project will be facilitated through the leadership of the Principal Investigator, Joseph Szursewski, through the Executive Committee by formal bimonthly meetings, and as needed, telephone calls and e-mails.  Assessment of scientific progress and facilitation of collaboration will be accomplished through the bimonthly meetings with the Executive Committee and with the Principal Investigator of the individual projects and Imaging Core Director, review of the meetings with the Internal Advisory Committee and by annual formal review of the program by the External Advisory Committee.