Analyze MD

The Mayo Biomedical Imaging Resource has undertaken development of a new software system which is physician friendly and clinical task focused. This new software system, tentatively called AnalyzeMD, has been designed and implemented as a case-based, procedure-driven, clinical workflow architecture in which specific applications for clinical imaging tasks are easily integrated and used in a plug-and-play manner. The infrastructure development is complete and features reusable powerful “widgets” for advanced multidimensional, multi-modality image visualization, segmentation, classification, registration, measurement and database management. The software can handle very large image volume datasets. Several clinical applications have already been developed and successfully tested. The AnalyzeMD system also provides comprehensive patient and application specific output report generation for all workflow modules added to the system. Independent user interfaces are custom designed, developed and deployed for each clinical application, but significant reuse of underlying software makes possible rapid prototyping and optimized development of new clinical applications.

The workflow approach is consistent for all plug-and-play modules, including:

  1. Efficient image data input, review and selection,
  2. interactive manipulation, navigation and/or targeting as defined by the requirements of the application,
  3. automated or near-automated task-specific image processing, visualization and analysis, and
  4. comprehensive focused report generation for each patient and/or subject.

Analyze MD Features

  • Powerful plug-and-play platform for multiple clinical applications.
  • Efficient execution of routine clinical tasks.
  • Advanced multi-dimensional, multi-modal image processing, visualization and analysis.
  • Automatic, semi-automated and interactive procedures.
  • Case-based, task-driven, work flow organized.
  • Flexible, modular, expandable.
  • Physician friendly, modifiable.
  • Application-specific interfaces tailored and optimized to separate clinical task requirements.
  • Runs on all Windows-based workstations.
  • Significant price/performance breakthrough.