Patents and Licenses

Patents received (R.A. Robb, Ph.D.)

  • US Patent #5,568,384 – Biomedical Imaging and Analysis, 1996
  • US Patent #400,196 – Three-Dimensional Computer Generated Icon for a Computer Screen, 1998
  • US Patent #6,049,622 – Graphic Navigational Guides for Accurate Image Orientation and Navigation, 2000
  • US Patent #6,556,695 B1 – Method for Producing High Resolution Real-Time Images of Structure and Function During Medical Procedures, 2003
  • European Patent #EP6224621 B1 – Method for Rendering Medical Images in Real-Time, 2004
  • US Patent #7,190,163 – Method for Producing Multiple MR Images with Different Contrast from a Single Image, 2007

Patents pending (R.A. Robb, Ph.D.)

  • Techniques to Rate the Validity of Multiple Methods to Process Multi-Dimensional Data
  • Robust Fast Automatic and Parameter Free Skull Stripping of MRI T2-Data
  • High Resolution Three Dimensional Talairach Labels for Human Brain Mapping


Software Licensed Licensee
Analyze Analyze Direct (Kansas)
LA Systems (Tokyo)
Academic Licenses (60 International Sites)
AVW Analyze Direct (Kansas)
BIR 3D Brain Atlas Analyze Direct (Kansas)
Diffusion Tensor Image Analysis Analyze Direct (Kansas)
MR T2 Rapid Projection Analyze Direct (Kansas)
Algorithm Performance Ranking Analyze Direct (Kansas)
Cardiac Segmentation Module St. Jude / Endocardial Solutions, Inc. (Minnesota)
Isonumeric Contours Module ImQuant (Idaho)
fMRI Features Module Roswell Park (New York)
Patent Rights Licensed Licensee
Graphic Navigational Guides St. Jude / Endocardial Solutions, Inc. (Minnesota) (USP #6,049,022)
Method for Real-Time Imaging of Structure and Function St. Jude / Endocardial Solutions, Inc. (Minnesota) (USP #6,556,695)