Alumni Fellows


Rettmann, Maryam 2005-


David Holmes III 2004-

Mayo Graduate School, Rochester


Publication:Improved Automated Brachytherapy Seed Localization in Trans-urethral Ultrasound Data.


Publication: ITK and ANALYZE: A Synergistic Integration.


Publication: Real-time Segmentation of Trans-urethral Ultrasound Images for Prostate Brachytherapy.


Publication: Trans-urethral ultrasound: A new tool for diagnostic and therapeutic imaging in prostate cancer.


Franz Leisch, M.D. 2003-2004

Upper Austria University, Hagenberg


Asako Nishitai, Ph.D.


Osaka University, Japan


Publication: A prostate brachytherapy training rehearsal system – Simulation of deformable needle insertion.


Michael Wahl, M.D. 1998-2000

Georgetown University


Publication: Four dimensional, anatomy-based mapping of the ventricle: Initial progress towards virtual reality mapping of ventricular tachycardia.

Circulation, 98(17 suppl.):436, Oct. 27, 1998.                     

Shmuel Aharon, Ph.D 1995-97

Hebrew University, Isreal


Publication: 3D surface reconstruction of patient specific anatomic data using a pre-specified number of polygons. Proceedings of Medicine Meets Virtual Reality, Eds.: K.S. Morgan, H.M. Hoffman, D. Stredney and S.J. Weghorst, IOS Press, Netherlands, vol. 39, pp. 430-439, 1997.         


Publication: Computation of efficient patient specific models from 3-D medical images: Use in virtual endoscopy and surgery rehearsal. Proceedings of Information Processing in Medical Imaging, Eds.: G. Goos, J. Hartmanis, and J. van Leeuwen, Springer-Verlag, vol. 1230, pp. 429-434, 1997.         


Julia Corban, M.D. 1994-95

University of Budapest


Udita Taneja, Ph.D. 1993-95

Tulane University


Publication: Quantifying errors in three-dimensional multimodality registration algorithms. Accepted for Publication in Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics, August 1996.


Publication: Evaluating the accuracy of 3-D image registration algorithms used in multimodal image fusion.

Proceedings of the Third Conference on Visualization in Biomedical Computing, vol. 2359, pp. 238-250, Oct. 4-7, 1994, Rochester, MN.                     

Susan Stoddard, M.D. 1991-92

University of Indiana


Publication: Brain images: A computer-generated 3-dimensional image of the human brain that can be manipulated and dissected.

23rd Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience. Washington Convention Center, Washington, D.C., Nov. 7-12, 1993.                   

Publication: Brain Images: An introductory videotape for neuroanatomy.

American Association of Anatomists 105th Annual Meeting p. 85A, April, 1992.                     

Lan Li, Ph.D. 1989-90

Fudan Univ., China


Publication: Fractal analysis and application to biological organ modeling. Proceedings of the 12th Annual International Conference on Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, Philadelphia, PA, November 1-4, 1990, vol. 3/5, pp. 1398-1399.         


Robert M. Valante, M.D. 1985-88

Univ. of Minnesota


Publication: Quantitative analysis of joint images from paitents with rheumatoid arthritis. Proceedings of the 11th Annual International Conference of the IEEE/EMBS 11:1971-1972, 1989.         


Chris McEwan, M.D. 1988-89

Univ. of Canterbury, New Zealand


Publication: Mirror image production using two different techniques: An adjunct to computerized planning of craniofacial surgery. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 9:937-947, 1989.         


Publication: A networked workstation approach to multi-dimensional biomedical image analysis. In: de Graaf, C. N. and M. A. Viergever: Information Processing in Medical Imaging. Plenum Press, 1988, pp. 349-374.


Christian Barrilot, Ph.D. 1987-89

Univ. of Rennes, France


Publication: Comparison and evaluation of retrospective intermodality brain image registration techniques. Journal of Computer Assisted Tomography, 21(4):554-566, 1997.


Publication: Interactive display and analysis of 3-D medical images. IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging 8(3):217-226, 1989.


Publication: Interactive 3-D image display and analysis. In: Casasent, D. P. and A. G. Tescher: Proceedings of SPIE, Hybrid Image and Signal Processing. Orlando, FL, 1988, Vol. 939, pp. 173-202.


Kathy Garden, Ph.D. 1985-86

Univ. of Canterbury, New Zealand


Publication: 3-D reconstruction of the heart from few projections: A practical implementation of the McKinnon-Bates algorithm. IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging MI-5(4):233-239 (December 1986).


Publication: A method for reducing artifacts in 3-D cardiac imaging. Proceedings of the IEEE Computers in Cardiology Conference, Boston, MA, October 7-10, 1986, pp. 499-502.


Raj Acharya, Ph.D. 1984-85

Univ. of Minnesota


Publication: Image reconstruction of the heart using a priori information and spatiotemporal estimation. Proceedings of ICASSP '85 85CH2118-8(3):1077-1080, 1985.


Publication: An image reconstruction algorithm for time varying x-ray projection image sequences. IEEE Transactions on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing 84CH1945-5(1):12A.4.1-12A.4.4, 1984.


Publication: Image segmentation algorithm for quantitative assessment of joint space narrowing in rheumatoid arthritis. Proceedings of the IASTED International Symposium on Applied Signal Processing and Digital Filtering, Paris, France, June 19-21, 1985.


Pat Heffernan, Ph.D. 1981-87

Univ. Canterbury, New Zealand


Publication: Difference image reconstruction from a few projections for nondestructive materials inspection. Applied Optics 24:4105-4110, 1985.         


Publication: Display and analysis of 4-D medical images. In: Lemke, H. U., M. L. Rhodes, C. C. Jaffee, and R. Felix: Computer Assisted Radiology, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1985, pp 583-592.         


Publication: A new method for shaded surface display of biological and medical images. IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging MI-4:26-38, 1985.         


Publication: A new procedure for combined display of 3-D cardiac anatomic surfaces and regional functions. Computers in Cardiology 84CH2078-4:111-114, 1984.