Genetic Epidemiology of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Consortium (GEC)

Purpose of the study

Because CLL exhibits one of the strongest familial tendencies of any lymphoproliferative disorders (LPD), we have focused this project to specifically investigate the genetic basis of CLL through the use of high-risk CLL families. To do this, we have formed a multi-center, multidisciplinary consortium, entitled the Genetic Epidemiology of CLL (GEC) Consortium. The GEC Consortium is funded by the National Cancer Institute (U01 CA 118444) and includes investigators from Mayo Clinic, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, National Cancer Institute, University of California in San Diego, University of Minnesota, Duke University, and the University of Utah. This family-based research resource allows us to develop a study population enriched for genetic exposures and will position us to characterize the genetic risk of CLL.

Who is eligible to participate in this study?

An eligible CLL family has at least the following two characteristics:

  • A living patient with a diagnosis of CLL
  • A living blood relative, also diagnosed with CLL

What is involved in the study?

To participate, you do not need to travel to Mayo Clinic or any of the CLL Consortium sites. Participation includes:

  1. Completing a questionnaire detailing your family history of cancer. We will mail this questionnaire to you.
  2. Completing a brief questionnaire about your lifestyle factors, personal medical history, and demographic information. We will also mail this questionnaire to you.
  3. Donating a small amount of blood (4 tablespoons). For your convenience, we can send you a blood kit that you may take to your local clinic for the blood draw. You also may have this done during your visit to Mayo Clinic or a consortium site. We will pay for any charges associated with the blood draw.
  4. Donating a sample of cheek cells. A kit will be mailed to you containing all necessary items to collect the sample.
  5. Providing permission to access, for research purposes only, any medical records related to care for blood or lymph node cancer or related conditions. In order to use this information, we will need your written informed consent.

Who do I contact to participate in the study?

If you wish to obtain more information or to participate in our study please call:

  • The Genetic Epidemiology of CLL Research Team
  • Mayo Clinic Study Coordinator: Emily Hallberg
  • Toll-Free: 1-800-610-7093
  • Email:

Patients do not need to actually visit these sites to participate. Further, our program will pay for any costs associated with participation in the study.