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The primary research interest of Daniel J. Sargent, Ph.D., is in the area of the conduct and the methodology of clinical trials in cancer. Areas of active research include clinical trial design, design and analysis of studies involving tumor markers, meta-analyses, and survival analysis.

Focus areas

Dr. Sargent is the primary consulting statistician for the Gastrointestinal Cancer Program of the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center, and as such is involved in multiple ongoing clinical trials of both cancer treatment and cancer screening.

Significance to patient care

While Dr. Sargent is not directly involved in patient care activities, the research that he is a part of directly results in an increased understanding of tumor or patient factors that make tumors more or less aggressive.

The clinical trials that Dr. Sargent is a part of, when successful, directly result in new treatment options for patients with cancer.

Professional highlights

  • Group Statistician, Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology
  • President-Elect (2013 Presidential Term), Society for Clinical Trials


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Academic Rank

  1. Professor of Biostatistics
  2. Professor of Oncology


  1. PhD - Biostatistics. Thesis title: A general framework for hierarchical survival models in the Cox proportional hazards regression setting. Thesis Advisors: Tom Louis and Jim Hodges. University of Minnesota
  2. Post-doctoral Fellowship Division of Biostatistics, University of Minnesota School of Public Health
  3. MS - Biostatistics. Thesis Topic: Robust Bayesian methods for clinical trial monitoring. Advisor: Brad Carlin. University of Minnesota
  4. BS - Mathematics University of Minnesota

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