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Barry Gilbert, Ph.D., concentrates his research interests in physiology, biomedical engineering and biomedical imaging.

Focus areas

  • Development of algorithms for the analysis of wide bandwidth image and signal data
  • Design of specialized signal-processing computers
  • Advancement of integrated circuit technologies that can be used to assemble high-performance signal processors

Significance to patient care

Dr. Gilbert also is heavily committed to, and involved in, the transfer of electronics technologies from the defense-aerospace-computer communities, where they are developed - to the health care industry, where they are needed to assure the provision of quality medical care to patients under conditions of dwindling national financial resources.

Past and ongoing projects in which Dr. Gilbert's group collaborates with physicians and biomedical researchers include:

  • First development and fielding of GPS-based moving map displays for medical evacuation helicopters, saving 20 minutes of the "golden hour" in accident recovery scenarios
  • World's smallest Global Positioning System receiver, which was incorporated into the U.S. military "Downed Pilot's Radio"
  • Demonstration of telemedicine outreach to underserved communities in North America using the first "intelligent" communications satellite
  • System and component design of a wireless-based, home health care monitoring and critical event reporting system intended for nationwide use in urban and rural regions
  • Design of a self-contained, fully implantable deep brain stimulator integrated circuit to abort tremor in patients for whom medication has proven unsuccessful
  • Use of a novel supercomputer for clinical data mining and genomic analysis


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Primary Appointment

  1. Physiology and Biomedical Engineering

Academic Rank

  1. Professor of Biomedical Engineering
  2. Associate Professor of Physiology


  1. PhD - Physiology/Biophysics University of Minnesota Graduate School
  2. BS - Electrical Engineering Purdue University

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