Eric J. Bergstralh's primary research activities include statistical software development for case-control matching and creation of risk scores for disease progression and recurrence. Bergstralh is the lead statistical consultant for several clinical areas, including the Department of Urology and the Division of Nephrology and Hypertension. As such, he collaborates on multiple research studies and clinical trials in these areas.

Focus areas

  • Mayo Clinic Prostate Cancer SPORE. Much of this research is focused on evaluating the utility of potential biomarkers in predicting outcomes of prostate cancer patients. Of particular interest is the added benefit (in terms of gain in prediction versus cost) of a biomarker over readily available information.
  • Rare Kidney Stone Consortium (RKSC). This is a National Institutes of Health (NIH)-funded international effort to create a data repository for patients with four extremely rare causes of kidney stones. Data are being analyzed to estimate progression rates and identify associated risk factors.
  • Mayo Clinic Urology O'Brien Center for kidney stones. This large NIH grant is focused on precursor lesions and outcomes of patients with kidney stones. Currently, Bergstralh and colleagues are developing a nomogram to predict risk of kidney stone recurrence.

Significance to patient care

Creation of nomograms for patient risk of disease progression leads to informed choices and recommendations regarding optimal therapies.


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Academic Rank

  1. Associate Professor of Biostatistics


  1. MS - Statistics Iowa State University
  2. BS - Mathematics/Geography Mankato State University

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