Psychometric Assessment

Psychometric assessment

Psychometric measurement is the standardized quantification of cognitive, personality, emotion, academic achievement, or behavioral variables. The Research Psychometrics Resource serves research programs at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., that require psychometric measurement.

General information

The Research Psychometrics Resource helps investigators obtain clinical data for research purposes in the Psychological Assessment Lab. We also conduct standardized interviews to establish psychiatric diagnoses or psychological status.

Research Psychometrics Resource services include:

  • Consultations in the selection of appropriate psychometric measures to meet study aims
  • Time estimates for obtaining various measures
  • Cost estimates for obtaining various measures
  • Acquisition of study equipment
  • Provision of professional psychometrists to administer and score research psychometric measures
  • Assistance in scheduling to facilitate psychometric data collection
  • Consultation in appropriate methods of data analysis and interpretation of psychometric test results

Data collection and consultation services are available at an hourly research rate. This Resource will assure appropriate selection of psychometrics to meet study aims, standard administration and scoring, data quality control, and accurate interpretation of psychometric data.


For further information, please contact either of the following:

Dr. Glenn Smith, Director
Consultant in Psychology
Mayo W-11
Pager: 507-284-6913
Secretary: 507-266-5374
Fax: 507-284-4345

Donna Felmlee-Devine, Coordinator
Mayo L-11
Pager: 507-284-6649
Secretary: 507-266-5374
Fax: 507-266-2757